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What is it?

ProximityFile offers enterprise solutions for the efficient delivery of large digital assets. These solutions merge the best features of client-server and distributed computing models, enabling a price to performance ratio unmatched by other systems.

One platform, many uses
The core technology in ProximityFile software powers specific applications tailored to each industry in a manner unachievable by out-of-the-box solutions. It also means that ProximityFile can readily craft custom interfaces that precisely fit the needs of specific organizations.

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Many benefits, too
Flexible, powerful applications from ProximityFile offer a numer of key benefits to companies of any size:

Reduces costs of delivering large digital assets
Guarantees delivery even in unstable conditions
Shows real-time statistics and confirmations
Enables central management of assets
Format-agnostic... delivers files of any kind
Self-scaling network meets any demand
Significantly reduces WAN traffic
Installs quickly and painlessly; low startup cost

How does it work?

BLuR™ the line between clients & servers
BLuR™, or Balanced Loads using Replication, is an optimal routing algorithm that enables intelligent PF Agents running on desktop machines to handle most of the actual distribution work. In a ProximityFile network, the role of servers is primarily to coordinate the transactions among PF Agents and to enforce security policies and access rights. The PF Agents can thereby share data among themselves efficiently with a little supervision from a centrally administered PF Access Control Server.

Performance that adapts automatically
Because PF Agents handle most of the data distribution in a ProximityFile network, businesses will never again run into a bottleneck situation. Adding more users to a ProximityFile network actually increases the availability of that data and thus the capacity of the company's network. Scaling up the network is as easy as installing PF Agents on additional machines... which means there is no need to set up expensive server mirrors across the globe. Self-scaling software through BLuR™ ensures that corporate assets are delivered quickly and painlessly regardless of the number of recipients.

What about security and data integrity?
All users are authenticated by the PF Access Control Server, and most actions performed by the user are centrally authorized. Assets are available only to the users or groups specified by the asset publisher. In addition, every file on a ProximityFile network is sliced into AES-encrypted datablocks before being published. Once received by an authorized user, these datablocks are verified against checksums provided by the PF Access Control Server to ensure data integrity. Only when the Access Control Server grants permission can the user decrypt the datablocks and reassemble the original file. This allows organizations to maintain control over its assets even after they have been delivered.

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