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ProximityFile, Inc. was founded by John Wm. Kilcline and Alexander Sundquist and incorporated in August 2000. The company has successfully implemented its core technology in a suite of enterprise applications, pursued patents on that technology, and is currently in talks with a number of companies representing a variety of markets.

The continued development of ProximityFile draws its strength from the many years of experience and industry knowledge contributed by its executive team and advisors.

ProximityFile, Inc. is a privately held company. The company's seed round was financed by the founders as well as friends-and-family investors. ProximityFile is not currently looking for additional investment.


Executive team
John Wm. Kilcline
Founder and CEO

Alexander Sundquist
Founder and CTO

John H. Lee

Kirk J. Bloede
VP Business Development

Dave R. Arnold-Fernández
VP Research and Development

Advisors to ProximityFile, Inc. hail from organizations such as Cisco Systems, NBC, Apple Computer, and American Zoetrope Studios. Click here to view the members of the ProximityFile Advisory Board and Technical Board.

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