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ProximityFile enterprise solutions enable businesses to deliver documents, media, and software to their customers and remote offices securely, reliably, and cost-effectively.

It's all about the bottom line

Immediate savings
ProximityFile software eliminates the costs of shipping, handling, and fulfillment by enabling the delivery of documents, media, and software over the Internet. Businesses can easily send CD-ROMs, PDFs, high-res images, presentations, full-color catalogs, and anything else digitizable without worrying about per-unit costs.

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Enterprise solutions for small budgets
With a ProximityFile solution, realizing digital delivery savings doesn't require huge expenditures. ProximityFile enterprise software runs easily on most existing corporate networks, thereby eliminating the need for expensive hardware and bandwidth purchases. Companies looking to outsource their digital delivery solution have the option of subscribing to a ProximityFile hosting service.

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No more hidden costs
Lost and damaged packages, returned deliveries, distribution delays, fulfillment lag... these are some of the daily frustrations of the business world. And they all contribute to increased costs. ProximityFile software effectively streamlines many business processes and keeps costs down by combining intuitive usability with next generation technology.

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Digital delivery that makes sense

Maximum security
ProximityFile understands the importance of keeping corporate assets secure and has built solutions around ensuring the safe delivery of these critical assets. ProximityFile solutions combine the best encryption available today with a strict, centrally managed authorization process to provide businesses with a level of security second to none. Companies can thus safely make their assets available to their remote offices and even their partners and customers. This access can be instantly revoked at any time with the click of a button.

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Absolute reliability
Unlike e-mail, where file size restrictions prevent the transfer of large attachments, the delivery of every asset sent using a ProximityFile solution is virtually guaranteed regardless of size. Sophisticated software diligently searches for routes to the recipients and intelligently picks the optimal pathways, ensuring completed deliveries even in the most unstable of network conditions.

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Real-time reports at a glance
Companies can increase sales and make marketing efforts more effective by receiving individual and aggregate feedback as to when assets are requested, received, and opened. This feedback can also be used to easily and accurately ensure compliance with notices, revised information, and software updates.

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