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What does ProximityFile offer?

ProximityFile enterprise solutions feature modular suites of software applications that work together intelligently to reduce the cost of distributing corporate assets to customers and remote offices.

These solutions are as easy to use as e-mail, but eliminate the security issues and file size restrictions that severely limit e-mail's usefulness for sending critical corporate assets. ProximityFile solutions can therefore deliver assets such as CD-ROMs, catalogs, and manuals faster than parcel services and without their steep per-unit costs. Organizations also benefit by completely bypassing the lead time and per-unit costs associated with using fulfillment houses.

ProximityFile currently offers its solutions in two flavors:

Radical Asset Delivery (RAD) System
For maximum savings and control, ProximityFile offers standalone solutions that businesses operate in-house. Deploying a RAD System is as simple as installing a few pieces of software... there is no need to spend time and money on fiber or co-located servers.

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RAD Hosting
Some companies may be unwilling or unable to commit resources to deploy a full RAD System. ProximityFile is therefore happy to offer flexible RAD Hosting solutions that minimize the initial implementation time and cost. Best of all, it is possible to switch to an in-house RAD System at any time to maximize cost-saving benefits. And since it is a quick and painless process, businesses can decide their level of commitment at their own pace.

How can ProximityFile help?

Reduce costs
Few things are as important as the bottom line, and ProximityFile enterprise solutions start saving money right away. Whether a business is sharing media files among its production studios in New York, London, and Tokyo or delivering its latest software updates to customers across the United States, sophisticated ProximityFile delivery solutions slash costs while maintaining tight security.

Streamline business processes
ProximtiyFile solutions can help organizations eliminate wasteful time and budget expenditures by streamlining a variety of mundane business processes. No longer do companies have to deal with things like fulfillment delays, lost or returned packages, spotty sales feedback, inconsistent rollouts of catalog or software updates, and regulatory difficulties.

Establish direct channels to customers
Businesses can take advantage of the flexibility of ProximityFile delivery solutions to increase sales by forging stronger relationships with its customers. The dual-mode delivery offered by ProximityFile software means that companies can send their assets directly to their customers' desktops in both subscription and on-demand form. Easy-to-use group management enables businesses to quickly deliver everything from mass promotional content to individualized support materials.

Effeciently distribute assets over a WAN
The intelligence and efficiency of ProximityFile enterprise solutions make them ideal inter-office tools. Organizations spread out across the nation or around the world can ensure the successful delivery of large critical assets while maintaining tight security and reducing bandwidth and infrastructure costs.

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